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"Haas Stone" over 100 million world records … Popularity, accessibility Share: Maekiung Game Jin


Blizzard Entertainment announced on Monday that it has exceeded 100 million players worldwide in its "smartphone game" and digital card game "Hairston"

"The fact that the Haas Stone player has exceeded 100 million is a tremendous thing, but more importantly, there are thousands of people around the world who share the spirit of Haas Ston," J said. Allenblack, president of Blizzard Entertainment. "I am really impressed with the way the Hairston communities have joined together online and offline, in the form of watching a filmmaker on a scene of events like stone,

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"Hassstones" has exceeded 100 million players, which is a new type of popularity and accessibility for any place, at all times, the main reason.

Hasstone has a simple look, but not in the real game.

Players can configure their digital card pallets on a duel one to one with other players or enjoy a variety of adventures with one person based on different cards. It is a special personality of "Haas Stone", which is transmitted through game mode for playing cards and cartographic cards and live video.

The key difference is that you can communicate with the player on the player through a game dialogue tailored to each character of the hero.

In particular, despite the fact that it is essentially a competitive game based on skill, it gives a different feel to other competition games.

Haasstone recently applied a "new player experience" to gain a bigger buffer between beginners and veteran players.

Blizzard made a program around the world "Vhack-Garbage Hairston". Through this program, the so-called 'host' hosts Hasston's gathering at a restaurant in the neighborhood, student hall, real pub or pub.

From Boston, the United States to Beijing, China has 2,655 times a year in many cities around the world.

With the theme of the new HASSTON expansion package scheduled for release into HASSTON, participants will be given the opportunity to play the latest card that will be first added to the game.

Blizzard Entertainment will host a special event in the game from the 7th (Korean time) to the 11th in a mark of breaking 100 million players.

For every player who comes to HaSston during the event of 100 million players, the latest expansion pack, Boomsdai Project ™, will receive a free 6-card card (only once). Also, you can earn up to 500 gold by filling all the special tasks.

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