Monday , September 26 2022

Hiundai Motor union "A direct general strike at the conclusion of the employment contract of the type Guanaju"


The Hiundai Motor Union decided to launch a general strike immediately after the agreement between Guanaju City and the company was concluded in connection with the work of the Guanaju type.

Hiundai Motor Trade Union said yesterday that it had set up a general strike policy by holding a board meeting to extend afternoon October 10th.

The union will visit Hiundai Motor Group headquarters in Yangaj-dong, Seoul on March 13th to send a letter to the trade union in the opposite position.

The union promoted it in front of the Ulsan City Hall against the promotion of the Gwangju type since July 7th.

The Union said at a press conference at the "Ulsan" Hiundai Motors factory on June 6, "a business in Guanaju in the Korean automotive industry will be an unsuccessful investment to lead to a disaster."

Hiubioung said: "The size of the domestic market is already about 140,000 units." He added: "Jobs that do not end in Guanaju will bring Hiundai Motor to a crisis after Hiundai Heavi Industries."

"The government should also move away from populist politics through jobs in Guangzhou." He stressed: "It is time to stop the creation of jobs in Guangu, which encourages restructuring and semi-pricing conditions and focuses on R & D.

The Gwangju-type business first proposed by Guwanaju Citti is to create a car factory that produces 100,000 cars and create 12,000 jobs instead of reducing it to half the average wage in the industry.

The Mayor of Guangjiang, Li Iong-seop, will meet with President Hiundai Motor Kim Jong-il on December 12 to discuss the final plan for concluding the agreement.

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