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"I have to trust my puppy …"


Yang Hyun-suk is a representative producer of YG Entertainment (on the left) and a winning singer. [사진 일간스포츠·연합뉴스]

Yang Hyun-suk is a representative producer of YG Entertainment (on the left) and a winning singer. [사진 일간스포츠·연합뉴스]

Kang Kyung-yoon, a former SBS journalist, reportedly reported suspicious of organizing a club related to Burning Sun & # 39; The BigBang group, former member's victory (29, Lee Seung-hyun), recently announced that it received a letter from the producer of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun-seok.

Kang Ji – jin insisted on referring to the producer of Yang Jong – sung in 365 broadcasts of the SBS podcast "Cinema Town Ninety & # 39; posted on the 28th.

Kang told reporters: "Yang is a very bad mental producer," said another journalist after Burning Sun's report.

He said: "I did not disclose false information to the former producer of Yang when I revealed his conversation Kakao Talk as he reported the suspicions of winning a sexual service" (last February). "I am sorry to have been informed of the official position I had to believe in my horse, so I did it. I have not been deliberate, "he said.

Kang Koo-kyo revealed for the first time the suspicion of having a foreign investor in a win revealing a Kakao Talk dialogue message on February 26,

YG said on February 27, the day after the press release, "YG hopes that by means of a thorough police investigation, the truth of the rumors can be quickly identified." If there is any problem, we should get the punishment legal. "However," if we find it false, we will take legal action against the police and we will complain about legal action. "

The victory was announced on March 11 when the police were arrested on suspicion of participation and the party of the YG announced that it ended its exclusive contract with the victory on March 13, two days later.

Meanwhile, the victory, which was investigated by the police, was handed over to the court filing for seven processes, including prostitution, the arrest of prostitution and the embezzlement of money in business under Sun Fund Law Burning

In May, MBC "Straight" led to the suspicion that Yang, former CEO, had sex with foreign investors. On June 26, former producer, Yang, who resigned all charges on the date of the controversy, attended the police as a reference person and was investigated.

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