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"I want to leave Valencia …"


The future of Korean football, which has won the Golden Ball in the World Cup less than 20 years old, has been reported in Spain, which means that Lee Kang-in wants to leave Valencia.

The Valencian spokesman, Juan Ferdé Porter, pointed out in an article entitled "Lieutenant Lee has requested a transfer to Valencia", "I made a statement of the bomb that said I would not accept the Valencia rental offer."

"I think that Valencia will consider Lee Kang-in an important player of the future and will not transfer it to another team with a buy-out of 80 million euros," Lee said. I want to accept it. "

He debuted in Europe at the age of 17, 327, the youngest player in the Spanish Cup of last year.

However, Lee Kang-in, who appeared in group 1, did not get the time correctly.

Marcelino Garcia is not included in the idea of ​​the manager of Torvalds de Valencia.

Meanwhile, Lee Kang-in won the Golden Ball in the World Cup less than 20 years, and other clubs became interested.

The Spanish press said that Ajax from the Netherlands, PSV Spain, Levante, Espanyol, Granada and Osasuna are sending a loving call to Gangjin.

Valencia, however, adhered to the principle of "not transferring" against Lee Kang-in and, finally, Lee Kang-in called for a formal transfer to the club.

(Photo: Yonhap News)

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