Wednesday , October 5 2022

Iang Jin-ho, suspicious of business fraud … "I will give you 280 million victories."


Yang Jin-ho, president of the Korean Association of Future Technologies, was arrested on suspicion that tens of thousands of pornography involved illegal trafficking and an attack on employees, and it was confirmed that Yang Jin-ho was charged with spitting 280 million won.

The police are in the process of monitoring the flow of web hard companies in the so-called " "WebHard cartel", and it is likely to increase the amount of capture.

A cyber crime investigation team in southern provinces of the Provincial Police, Gieonggi, said the order to arrest Mr. Yang was also suspected of a business misappropriation.

Yang is accused of arbitrarily consuming $ 280,000,000 from damages from the company's web hardware company in late March.

The allegations relating to Mr. Jang are: violation of the Law on the Promotion of the Use of Information and Communication Network and Information Protection, Copyright Law Violation, Violation Violations, Violation of the Laws on the Protection of Animals, Violations of the Law on the Safe Management of Arms, Swords and Explosives , Violation ▲ It is a business embezzlement.

The police will not investigate Yang during the weekend, but will focus on evidence analysis and research on related people.

In particular, in connection with the suspicion in the WebHard card, Iang concentrates its investigation into the fact that it has affected the entire process of distribution until the removal of illegal pornography.

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