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If you can not immediately identify this smell … Illness to be suspected


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As it gets older, olfactory function can be a health indicator.

Older people with a sense of reduced sense of smell have a greater risk of death after 10 years, according to research. In addition, the more difficult it is to distinguish between normal odors, the greater the risk of cognitive impairment.

The Guardian of the United Kingdom reported on the 29th that the team of Professor Chun Hye-Rae of the Department of Dentistry of Michigan State University was published in the last issue of the journal of the medical journal of the American Medical Association.

The researchers examined the olfactory function of 2289 people from 71 to 82 years and carried out a follow-up survey for 13 years.

The olfactory test obtained 12 common smells and described the olfactory function from 0 to 12 points.

Among 1211 deaths in the study period, elderly people with low olfactory function were 46% more likely to die after 10 years than those who have a sensitive olfactory function.

This suggests that weakening of olfactory function is a sensitive symptom of deterioration of health, according to researchers.

On the other hand, olfactory dysfunction can be a symptom of dementia.

Dr. Robert Wilson, MD, from the Medical Center for Age of Mind, has reported that people with a sense of reduced smell have a cognitive impairment risk of 50% higher than that of the general population.

According to him, 600 people aged 54 to 100 years have been tested for olfactory function and cognitive function for 5 years, so that those who can not distinguish family odors such as onion, lemon, cinnamon and pepper run a greater risk of cognitive impairment.

If one can not distinguish suddenly from the usual smell, it means that the possibility of dementia is high.

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