Friday , June 25 2021

Inchon, Korea 4 people for two months

The accident happened when a student who got into a liquid in a hospital in Inčon was killed. This is the fourth case of a patient who died of injection in the Incheon area. According to Incheon Ionsei police station on December 12, a group (11) carrying symptoms of colds and enteritis in a general hospital in Ieosu-gu, Incheon,

Group A received a recipe for enteritis and cold treatment by the pediatric adolescent departments in the morning of 10 July, the following day. However, when the situation did not improve, Group A parents took A to another hospital at 1 pm on November 11. However, Group A showed a jaundice while the face became pale and showed signs of abnormality, so we turned around and went to the hospital about 15 hours.

The hospital received an injection of bells for group A and the treatment of enteritis because the blood test showed a high level of inflammation. He also said that he also checked the electrocardiogram. However, Group A lost consciousness after showing signs of attack and attack in 30 minutes. The hospital was first treated, including CPR, but ultimately died.

A police officer said: "The group has no usual disease." He said: "We demand the National Institute for Scientific Investigation of Autopsy to investigate the exact cause of the disease.

A hospital official said: "The hospital is believed to have died of myocarditis and endocarditis, causing heart muscle inflammation in group A." We are investigating a violation of a medical law against a hospital. "

The police were discouraged because incessant injections in the Incheon area continued between two months. Hospitals where patients who died were different, poles and ages were different.

Police have asked the National Institute for Scientific Investigation to investigate the bodies of the dead, a police official said: "Dead patients are not the same, and the injections are not the same, but not related to these disasters." "When the National Institute for Scientific Research explores the history of the dead," he said.

Inchon = Choi Min-Ran reporter [email protected]

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