Thursday , August 11 2022

Kim Jong-gil, Kim Won-sun to help "blood priests"


Kim Won Hae helped to escape from the safe.

At the 35-36th session of the SBS "Hot Pursuit Prize" (Playboy Park Jae Bum, director Lee Myung-woo) relayed on Saturday night, Kim Hae Il (Kim Nam-il), trapped in the safe, He was discarded with his own prayer.

The team from Kim Hae Il and Hwang Cheol-bum (Gonjun min), who were locked in the box of Gang Seok-tae (Kim Hyung-mook) before, began to feel embarrassed when the # 39; oxygen began to block.

Park Kyung-seon said: "Do not tell everyone, Oxygen is worn out." He was unable to cover his body and Kim Hae Il said: "God, your children are about to die."

And then there was a vibration in the safe. The wall was broken and soon Gozayev (Kim Wonhae) broke the wall safe and appeared.

All those who were trapped were able to escape safely. Hwang Choung-bum told Gojayev and Kiyong Moon (Lee Min-shik): "Do you want to have two money and make a safe deposit?

Meanwhile, the double (Kim Min-jae) who left with all the money in the safe left away from Gang Seok-tae and took all the money and escaped. Gimhae Il, who heard the news after leaving the vault, became angry because "the dual zone was very good for the moment."

(Edit SBS funE Cho Yeon Hee)

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