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Kim Kim's sexual assault claims


Entry 2019.04.13 22:59

Kim, 63Photo) It is hoped that a woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted by the former deputy minister of justice will assist the accusation.

According to the indictment, the investigation committee of the prosecutor's office of the investigation committee of the Department of Justice will have to file a complaint against A in the near future and receive statements to support the damage caused by the # 39; sexual assault

The prosecutor's office first decided to focus on the tests presented by Mr. Kim plans to call Mr. If the investigation into the suspicion of sexual offenses is in full development. The official said: "It is the process of requesting cooperation and it is not a formally summarized investigation."

The image of the problem, which is supposed to be taken in 2006, has nothing to do with Kim's suspected sexual crimes. However, if the character is identified as Mr. A, it is expected that Kim will accelerate the investigation into the alleged crime.

A claimed to have been sexually assaulted by former deputy minister Kim and construction worker Yoon Jung-cheon at his home in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul in January or February 2008, and filmed sex scenes against two of his doctors.

Mr A pointed out to the other person that the video "Villa Osta Oster" in the investigation of police and taxation in 2013. Deputy Minister Kim was fired. Mr. A was later sued in Kim the next year to be a woman in the video, but the prosecution again concluded without charge.

Meanwhile, Kim said: "I deeply regret that YTN recently published the so-called" Kim Hak-kyoung video "and say:" It's a deep regret that the video figure has been identified as former Kim's minister. It is a serious defamation and will take legal action immediately. ".

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