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[KS]Judge "Whether Park Jong-hoon was shut down or not, it was not Bullard status.



The judge explained a situation that could be controversial.

Doosan and SK Korean Series 5 will be held on October 10 at the Incheon Happi Dream Stadium. In the middle of the game there was a situation when Commander Doosa came to the ground. The reason was whether the park Jong-hoon, the SK starter pitcher, was right. The fourth Doosa injury was the result of the third race and Oh Jae-von batting.

Before he entered the position, he closed his back and looked at the house plate, the catcher, then embraced again and looked at another base. It was a situation that the judgment of the gang could come out. Oh Jae-von demonstrators and Kim Tae-hieong also addressed Choi Su-von. Once recognized, the third base runner could go home.

But there was no reversal. The Doosan leaders, who for some time attracted, turned to Doug Out and the game began. The cake got a walk, followed by Riu Ji Hiuk. However, Jung Jin-ho did not manage to connect with it, as his team mates had hoped.

Before the start of the seventh Doosa attack, the KBO reported on the judges' judgment. "Kim Tae-hieong's appeal was whether he was a grandmother, and the judge did not see him as a ball because it happened without permission to play in a situation where he became a dead man because of a mistake."

Jong-hoon Park received a warning from Choi Su-von on the fifth pitch. It seemed to be connected with the previous situation. Regarding that move, he said: "I warned of acceleration due to unnecessary tilt."

There may be a verdict. No matter the boat. When a judge explains the reason for the decision. It was a desirable step.

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