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Kwon Seung-deok, who bought $ 4.2 million, the Ichon Commissar


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The commissary of Ichon in Yongsan-gu, Seoul passed the ownership of the building to the office of Ko Seung-deok's lawyers after the post. As a result, the plan to buy park lands in Yongsan-gu has an emergency and the change has become inevitable. According to the results of the negotiations, the cost of contracting, which was expected to be approximately 23.7 billion KRW, will increase.

According to the Yongsan-gu and Yongsan police, on October 10, the owner of the Ichon police station, located at 301 -86 Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Yongsan-gu, has been changed to Market Day Co., Ltd., where the wife of Ko Seung-

This is because Market Day bought the building after the police box office.
This building, which has been used as a police station since July 1975, is a two-story building with an area of ​​137.47 square meters.

Originally, the construction site and the surrounding land were property of the state, but the property was transferred to the pension management corporation of public employees for revision of the related law in 1983, and the market day bought in 4,200,000 won along with the neighboring plot of Ichon in 2007

Market Day demanded that the Ichon Commissioner be transferred to the National Police Agency to use the site later, but filed a lawsuit because it was not accepted. In 2013, he filed a suit against the use of a police box fee to win the case in 2017. In July of this year, he filed a lawsuit to demolish the cashier's box The police and won the second hearing in November 2018.

The irony is that the police have asked to buy a police box on the day of the market.

The police said they had asked the government for a budget to buy the site, but it was not reflected, and it was confirmed that they had asked to buy a building on Market Day to keep the police station.

If the owners and the owners of the buildings are different, such as the Ichon police station, the building owner can use the land for a maximum period of 30 years according to customary law. However, the Ichon police station has reached a situation where the period of application of the surface has already ended and should leave the current site.

The only way to avoid this is to explain to the Yongsan police that the land owner has the right to buy the building to buy it.

The Ichon police station has more than 10,000 homes and about 30,000 inhabitants.

A resident of the Yongsan police station said: "Residents also want to keep the police station," he said. "I can not reveal the sale, but the building is old and the rating is not high."

At the moment, the commissary of Ichon has signed a lease agreement with Market Day. It was reported that the monthly income was 15 million earnings (without VAT).

Even the property of the Ichon police station was moved to Market Day and it was inevitable to change the Yongsan-gu plan, which was to buy land and protect it as a park.

Yongsan-gu expected to buy 23,800 million dollars earned in buying land from the Park property of Market Day and the state-owned property police box when the compensation plan was established earlier this year. Of these, the compensation plan for the police box won only about 26 million.

However, since property goes to the private sector, the possibility of compensation increases.

On April 4, Yongsan-gu announced the abolition of plans to implement the existing park construction project. Yongsan-gu's policy is to notify the new plan as soon as the 14-day ads reading period ends and proceed to the purchase the year as soon as possible.

A Yongsan-gu official said: "The change of ownership due to the judicial ruling was already foreseen, but in order to facilitate the proper functioning of the project, the company announced the plan in April." The final price will be determined through the valuation and negotiation process. "

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