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Lee Jae "I'll talk without any new re-launching parties" –


Entry 2018.11.12 at 18:41

"I will talk and convince him whether it is in any political power, whether it is a Korean government or a real future party, to form a new order for conservatives," Jo said,

Lee said: "There seems to be a voice today to take care of my political movements," Sohn Hak-ki, the head of the party's right-wing party, told his party that it needs to "clarify its identity and identity". Lee said: "We hope President Roh will do everything to form a new salary, not an old-fashioned point of view, such as a party or banquet."

Lee, says the future lawmaker of the party. / News

Lee on his Facebook page said: "Now people are not interested in which party is the center or who is the center." What people are interested in is whether a new order of compensation will be formed. It is in question who is leading a policy with spiritual dedication. "

Lee said: "The real future party should become a conservative party of innovation and integration, it should lead to a unique opposition of the opposition, preventing the conquest of the Moon and becoming a political party that can be the will of people. You need to face your own intentions not your own place and your power. "

Lee said: "As Mr. Lee said," there was no consensus with the party since Lee took part in this event. "" I am very impressed with the young people that gathered that day, "I will speak to everyone in which there is a group of young people who want to innovate and integrate conservation, no matter what political party it belongs to," he said.

Lee said: "I think that the behavior of self-centered and self-centered not only in the Uri party, but also in the Korean party has led to the fall of the current conservative party." "I think it's necessary to put everything in value values." Lee said: "I did it and I will do it in the future."

Lee said: "During the lecture I did not give a statement to the Korean party, but I need a new plan," he said.

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