Tuesday , July 5 2022

Lee Jae-Miung, & # 39; & # 39; Answering the question of 'Police, the truth is more important than the shame of our couple'


Lee Jae-Miung, Governor of Gieonggi Province (left) and his wife Kim Hie-kiung (photo)
[이데일리 장구슬 기자] Li Jae-Miung, Governor of the Gieonggi Province, said: "The police will send the prosecutor's opinion about the controversy over the owner Hie Kiung Kim (@ 08__hkkim), which is the account of tweeter of his wife, Kim Hie-kiung.

The governor said the police sent former lawmakers Kim Dae-junga and Kim Buseon, who raised suspicion about the scandal of governor and actor Kim Buseon in the local elections, Prosecutor's Office 8. Earlier, Lee Jae-mieong, a false news journal, accused Kim and Kim are on suspicious false reports.

Lee said: "Kim Ioung-wan and Kim Bo-seon are scheduled to be in the boiler room," Li said. "It is said that the answer is solved and the answer is simple.

The Governor said: "When Kim Ioung-hwan loses his punishment without worries, Kim Ioung-hwan has accused him. When he has 30 special investigative teams, Lee Jae-mieong, Kim Ioung-wan and Kim Buseon were already settled when a policeman who was seized at 9am said he was looking for a body at home at 7 o'clock.

The Governor said: "I will make another unfortunate prediction," talking about the controversy at the "Hie Kiung Palace" account.

He said: "I love President Roh Moo-hiun on the basis that he is the hkkim as the initials of his wife Hie-kiung, and he goes to Guwang with the nickname" Kim Jung Sook "to help the campaign and squeeze his heart Ban, Roh Moo- hiun) Ban (Moon Moon Jae-in), hunting witches still work, "he said.

In the meantime, "hkkim (Kim) in the Republic of Korea will be a number, 09hhkh, like 08hkkim and 09khkim different initials, my wife is not hk, writes hg," he stressed.

"The case of a tweeter account charged with the criminal offense against Lee Miung-jin, who criticized Kim Hie-kiung, who did his best to win the contest, Moon Jae-in, the police said the police would send appeal to the prosecution, saying: "It is more important that they release Lee Ja-Miung than the truth".

(Photo = Lee Jae-Miung's Facebook Capture)

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