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Lee Jang-seok, a former Heroes representative, confirmed permanent disqualification … Reduced 600 million won


Lee Jang-seok, a former Heroes representative, confirmed permanent disqualification ... Reduced 600 million won

Lee Jang-seok, 52, former executive director of Seoul Heroes, has been permanently removed from the KBO league.

KBO held a competition committee at the KBO meeting room on 12 December to discuss the former president and former vice president of Seoul Heroes before the end of the Korean War. After completing the Korean series, KBO Chung Un-chan was finally approved by the Advisory Board.

The punishment commission was sentenced to three years and six months in prison for embezzlement and offenses from the Central District Court in Seoul in a second judgment under Article 1 (1) of the Supplementary Appendix of the President of the Republic of Korea (KBO) Sanctuary for former Vice President Nam Khuung Wong, who was sentenced to four years in prison, was determined to be permanent disqualification.

Since the KBO implements a lasting disciplinary discipline, these two can not participate in the KBO league in the future. Lottery is impossible. If KBO confirms the situation in which Lee is involved in club management in the future, he plans to sanction not only the club, but also the executives and employees.

The punishment commission said: "The two men are not currently associated with the club, but they are responsible for taking over illegitimate personal interests and socially controversial behavior during club operations, as well as for damaging the values ​​and morale of the KBO league. I have imposed the same sanctions."

KBO said: "The final decision on this representative has not yet been made, but we acknowledge misappropriation and abuse, so the right to decide at the moment when the KBO League was completed in 2018, regardless of the court's dispute by the Supreme Court. We have completed the" , he said.

In order to prevent the repetition of similar cases as a stable league, KBO submitted a plan by which Lee's direct and indirect participation (including agents) was involved in the management, improvement, and management of the club, I asked Heroes Club to ask.

KBO added: "In the future, if the KBO league repeats illegal acts like illegitimate profit or damage to brand quality, we will seriously punish those concerned."

On the other hand, the KBO has also decided to implement KBO's advertisement on an undetermined amount of money that has not been reported in a cash transaction between Hero and the club in accordance with Article 1 of the Pact's Statute. By June 30, 2019, it will return 600 million won, the first confirmed among a total of 13.15 billion won, which is known as "The collected amount will be used as a fund for the development of baseball.

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