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MK Nevs – "Battle Trip" Sung Si Kiung "My wedding is me …" surprise wedding?


[매경닷컴 MK스포츠 김나영 기자] "Fight" Sung Si Kiung suddenly reveals his wedding plan in Venice, Italy.

The KBS2 entertainment program "Battle Trip", which is broadcast on December 10, is a battle for MC I and Jae-chef Lee Von-il, MC Sungsik Park Jun-voo team on the MC theme – Gourmet Travel.

Lee Hieon-jae – Lee Von-il hoped to go on a gastronomic route to Barcelona – Valencia in Spain and Sung Si Kiung – Park Jun-voo in Italy to Venice-Bologna. In particular, Sung Si Kiung enjoys the romance of Venice and is interested in collecting the "Plan of marriage".

It was a surprise that the singer for weddings had already been nominated.

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Sung Si Kiung – Park Joon-voo, which was in a gondola ride, was immersed in the charm of the Venice water city. Then Sung Seung-kiung looked at him with an expression of envy and said: "Suddenly I became lonely." "I'll call everyone's celebration," he said.

In addition, Sung Si Kiung said in the romantic picture of Venetia: "I'm worried about it. I thought I would fall in love." They sent a message of love to the Jun-voo Park, and then called it "Soul" to discover their unusual affection.

The "Battle Trip" crew said: "Sung Si Kiung – Park Jun-voo's Tokdatodak chemistry has exploded all the way. Kim Kiung-woo, who is currently traveling with a snooker, and Park Jung-voo, who sincerely thanks the city, will make a warm smile. "" We will discover the various charms of Sung Si Kiung, which we have never seen before.

I would like to expect a lot of broadcasts, "he said.

I wonder if something happened to Sung Si Kiung, who boarded the Venetian gondola and discovered his marriage plan. There is an increasing interest in Sung Si Kiung – the warm heart of Park Jung Voo, which will be shown in Venice, a city that wants to fall in love with itself.

In the meantime, 'Battle Trip' broadcast every Saturday at 21:20. [email protected]

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