Saturday , August 13 2022

MK Nevs – Bock Star breaks 10 million downloads


Mobile manufacturer Nehru thirty-three minutes said the mobile sports game "Boxer Star" reached 10 million downloads in 98 days of launch.

The boxer star described the process of becoming a world champion in a boxing game, and the game is intuitive and harmful, so everyone can enjoy it.

The game was released in 140 countries at the end of July, making it the # 1 store in 19 countries. The number of downloads was in the order of the United States, Thailand, Japan, Brazil and the United Kingdom in that order. The platform's usage rate was 43% for Android OS and 57% for Apple iOS.

Choi Ki-hoon, general manager of Nessi's thirty-minute study of the champion, said: "We will continue to show constant upgrades and events so that many users abroad can feel the charm of a boxing star."

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