Saturday , November 27 2021

MK Nevs – Powerful Korean revolutionary works are restarting


The Emergency Management Committee in Korea is working hard to rebuild the entire organization and finds innovative work again, which was a source of conflict within the party.

However, Kim Bieong-joon, Chair of the Emergency Commission, hired former commissar Lee for the "ten-year-old" and was wounded in his leadership in the process of self-determination. There is a list.

According to the South Korean party on April 11, Abdul Rahman will end the elections for one of the members of the special committee that became vacant this week and as soon as possible to start the work of the special committee.

It is envisaged to consult with three external members of the special commission to ensure that there is no noise in these elections.

As soon as possible, we will present "Ionomics", a table economic policy at a meeting of members of the National Assembly this week and the Roadmap for Peace, summarizing the position of the Korean government on the issue of cross-Korean relations. We plan to publish results one by one.

It turned out to contain concepts that are contrary to "Jomo's (Government's economic policy of the Moon)" economic discourse of the Korean government.

The government of the Moon is defined as a "nationalist" government, and the person who opposes it is labeled as a subject, and the concept of innovation is emphasized.

It will be completed by mid-December and will be closed through a public offer by mid-January next year.

At the beginning of December, an audit committee will be set up to reflect the revision of the Constitution and the ruling party on a national plan of growth and peace, while at the same time discussing the general rule and reform of the management system.

It is a plan to organize a committee to prepare a convention for the election of a new leadership in January next year and to move forward from the end of February to the beginning of March.

Abe emphasized that he is progressing as planned by setting standards for holding the chairmanship of the chair for the past month and conducting a survey on the actual state of the president, regardless of the "

However, there is a diagnosis in the party that the Special Commissioner Chosang could lose power due to a recent "rumor", which could have a negative impact on human reform, which is the key to innovation.

Former former commissioner, after promotion, "was aimed at the opponent, saying:" The opponent will not replace the active member who confirmed the convention in February next year. "

In addition, it was emphasized that Kim, who was injured by his leadership, could give a good voice while he is engaged in innovative work in the future.

On the other hand, there is an analysis that this grave is naturally limited.

If the next general elections are from one year and six months, it is impossible to make a change of man through '

Moreover, it was said that it is not useful to provide the power of the struggle by "cutting off an active member of the duty" in the situation of having a strong fight for crediting.


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