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Police are calling for the attack on five men and women

Police are calling for the attack on five men and women
[아시아경제 김민영 기자]A man and a woman at a bar near the metro station in Seoul were arrested on suspicion of attacking each other.

On April 14, a police section in Seoul said that five men, including A (21) and B (23), were investigating an alleged assault on two men.

According to the police, Mr. A and Mr. B are suspected of attacking each other at a bar near Isse Station on the previous day (13) on the morning of 13 July.

The police were accompanied by Mr. A and Mr. B in a disaster, but it was late and decided to proceed with a formal investigation later on. The police are expected to receive witness statements, such as their owners and statements from both sides.

It was reported that the attacks of both sides were interrupted by the attack.

Mr. A and his family repeatedly asked B to speak peacefully in the alcoholic beverage store, and Mr. B allegedly verbally told the police that he had fought for the first time. It has been reported that Mr. B and his family were injured by the attack they committed and that their clothes were split and filmed on their mobile phones.

On the other hand, Mr B and Mr A were allegedly subjected to attacks by other customers who had nothing to do with the guests of other guests, and Mr A insisted that Mr.

A woman who claims that the victim was posted on the social network (SNS), such as Instagram, entitled "I was attacked on a bone and became hospitalized or accused." This article is spread online and controversially spreads.

"I need help because I know too many other victims as we get out if I do not break the sense of superiority that people with short hair and big, powerful voices are not very different," he said.

On the bulletin board of the National Assembly of Cheong Va Dae, 14,000 people joined the case on April 14, and at around 21.30, about 140,000 people agreed.

The police will use CCTV analysis to determine the exact course of events, including whether it is self-defense.

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