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“Psyllium husk, barley, fruit … the best intake of constipation solutions should be increased”

Blood of psyllium. Psyllium husk is the skin of banana seeds and is rich in dietary fiber. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]

Medically, constipation refers to cases where excessive force is required during bowel movements, excessively hard stools, incomplete bowel movements or obstruction of the anus and rectum, and the number of bowel movements less than 3 times a week. . Symptoms of constipation include excessive forcefulness during bowel movements, hard bowel movements, anal obstruction, abdominal distension, and lower abdominal pain.

Constipation, which is common in women and not men, is a common disease that 5-20% of the population complains of symptoms and its frequency increases as age increases. Older people are less active than younger people and because they eat less food and water, they are more prone to constipation.

The causes of constipation can be classified according to the main cause and the secondary cause. Secondary causes include organic and local diseases, systemic diseases and drug use, and motor dysfunction of the large intestine or anorectal dysfunction that is not caused by secondary causes is classified as the leading cause.

More than 90% of constipation is constipation due to the main cause of which the apparent secondary cause is unknown, and this is called functional or idiopathic constipation.

-Most causes of constipation are caused by functional causes

Constipation is a slow constipation, in which bowel movement is slow, bowel movement is normal, but the amount of diet that can form feces is small and the elderly are due to decreased physical activity and constipation. slow due to diabetes, etc. There is a lot of constipation. In addition, there are cases where feces are blocked due to stenosis caused by colon cancer, which is the third highest incidence rate of cancer in Korea.

Choi Jeong-min, a professor at the Gastrointestinal Disease Center at Sanggye Paik Hospital, Inje University, said: “If you have a bowel movement after eating, it is important to have the habit of bowing immediately and sitting in the toilet “In this small group of older people, correcting lifestyle habits, such as walking around the house for about 20 minutes, is helpful for bowel movements.”

-Help with tea skins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables with a lot of dietary fiber

Adequate intake of food and fluids is also important. Of these, dietary fiber intake is especially important, but dietary fiber does not break down in the body and has the ability to retain water. What matters in dietary fiber intake is not the type of dietary fiber, but the total fiber intake. To increase fiber intake, you need to increase your intake of psyllium husks, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

As a pharmacological treatment, volume-forming inflammatory laxatives are generally used and, if there is no effect, osmotic laxatives are used. Medications that take PEG, which has been used as a laxative for colonoscopy, in water and taken once a day, are also commercially available.

Crualopride-based drugs that improve bowel movement can also be added, and if two or more drugs are used in combination or new drugs are added if they do not respond to existing drugs, it is effective for constipation.

Professor Choi said: “If the elderly have warning symptoms such as weight loss, bloody stools, anemia, fever, etc., if they have colon cancer or a family history or history and have never had a colonoscopy, visit a hospital said: “It is important to treat through different tests the onset and severity of symptoms and related illnesses and symptoms that can cause constipation in the second place.”

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