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Sabata, $ 300 million won to play … "There is no reason for the rebate"


You have found that S.E.S. Shu (been born in Yoo Soo-young, 38 years old) has been overcome by the creditor with enormous debt due to the eagerness to play.

Park, who has lent money to Shu Eun, has recently filed a lawsuit that demanded the return of 350 million won through the court in the central district of Seoul. The first two met at the casino in Las Vegas in 2017 and Schu did not repay Park for 400 million. Park, who has not received the money, has filed civil lawsuits and, since then, it is known that he has pushed Shu's buildings.

He insisted that there is no reason to consider that Park paid money for game purposes and that it is in the form of wages due to an illegal cause (article 746 of the Civil Law and can not claim the return for cause of illegal wages). Park added that it demanded an interest rate of 1800%. However, Park said that the place where the operation was being carried out was a casino boss authorized by the State and that he had never asked for an interest rate of 1800%.

Shu was sentenced in court in February last year for a total of 790 million victories in games of chance in Macao and other areas of August 2016 to May of the # 39; Last year, being sentenced to two years of probation and 80 hours of service to the community in June.
Hwang Ji-young reporter

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