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In the fifth generation (5G), the planned folder, which is considered future smart food, Samsung Electronics and Apple make a strange move. Samsung Electronics, which is suffering from a downturn in its smartphone business, is aggressive, while Apple does not do much.

According to the mobile communications industry on March 13, Samsung Electronics is planning to launch a 5G smartphone in Korea in March next year. This is because three service providers will schedule to launch 5G services in March. It is a natural process for Samsung Electronics to launch 5G smartphones, which provide 5G communication equipment for 3 Eitong. It is expected that the Galaki S10, to be released next February, will display LTE and 5G models.

A special date for starting the folder.

Kim Dong-jin, president of Samsun's IM division, said: "We will unconditionally release it in the first half of next year." The industry is likely to start in the first quarter. The next year is the tenth anniversary of the launch of the Galaxy. 5G and switchable mobile phones.

Since Samsung Electronics announces the Galaki S series in front of the World Mobile Congress (MVC) in February each year, it is possible that the Galaki S10 will be released in February next year, and the folder button will be released at the same time. "We will have to sort which products will be published first, but there will not be much gaps," the industry official said.

It is expected that Apple will launch the 5G smartphone in 2020. CineNet, an American IT expert, reported that Intel will launch its 5G modem "KSMM 8160" in the second half of next year. Taking into account Apple's production cycle, which is released every autumn of the new iPhone, it is possible to mount 5G on the iPhone that was released in 2020. Kualcomm has already contacted Kualcomm, who has already prepared the 5G modem, but CNET said it is unlikely because Apple and Kualcomm recently filed a lawsuit and the relationship is worsening.

For several years Apple has received several patents for Folderbone. But there is no telling that Apple is developing a folder. Instead, Apple sees Augmented Realty (AR) as the core of the future smartphone ecosystem.

Apple, which dominates the global smartphone market with a high-priced strategy, has no reason to adhere to new technologies such as 5G and fold-back. It seems that it seems not too late to enter the market after it is formed to a certain extent.

On the other hand, Samsung Electronics is fighting in India, Southeast Asia and other countries with the "caustic price" strategy of Chinese companies.

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