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The Foreign Ministry denies "three-way arbitration", which is scheduled today … ‥ "Only one day is when the day is decided" –


Entry 2019.07.18 20:17
| Revision 2019.07.18 20:19

The South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on June 18 that it would refuse to comply with the "tripartite arbitration commission" requested by the Supreme Court of Korea for the ruling of the Supreme Court. On April 19, the Japanese government requested the establishment of a third party arbitration commission on the sentence of compensation and notified on the 30th of the term.

Kim In-cheol, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commerce, said in an informative session about the day: "I think it is necessary to pause (at that time)" as "the date Japan sets unilaterally and arbitrarily the term. A spokeswoman Kim repeated the response: "Do you think that the Korean government has no obligation to respond to the arbitration commission?", and replied that "Japan is determined unilaterally and arbitrarily."

"Even if the deadline for a response is still possible," spokesman Kim said: "I will not tell you many things," he said: "Is Japan necessary to be arrested unilaterally and arbitrarily?"

The Korea-Japan claim agreement concluded in 1965 stipulates that the diplomatic consultation (article 1), the composition of arbitration (article 2) and the composition of the arbitration of the third country (article 3) must be resolved when there is a disagreement in the interpretation and the implementation of the contract. However, this provision is not a mandatory provision and, as no consultation has been carried out in accordance with paragraph 1, it is the position of the Korean government that there is no reason to comply with the composition of the arbitration.

"We are open to the consultation on the basis of the balanced proposal presented earlier, and we ask for consultation," said an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "We are in a position to develop a reasonable plan during the consultation process."

However, "our conversation is not a dialogue based on article 3 (1) (diplomatic consultation) of the Korea-Japan competition agreement," he said. "If the Japanese government thinks I can review section 1," he added.

Meanwhile, the Japanese government is in the position that the Korean government expects an answer saying that it should respond until midnight on the 18th. According to the newspaper Nippon Keizai Shimbun and the Kyodo news agency, the assistant secretary of the cabinet , Yasutoshi Nishimura, told the regular press conference of the day: "The Korean government will not intervene until 18:00 from November 18, I have the obligation to respond."

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