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The new and exclusive iPhone 13 reveals a controversial screen resolution from Apple

Update 4/21 below. This post was originally published on April 19th.

The Apple iPhone 13 kit includes a (literally) huge upgrade. But now we know that another mega update of the iPhone 13 will not be available for all new models.

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… inside We monopolyRoss Young, a prestigious display expert, has revealed that only the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will have high expectations from Apple. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini with ProMotion screens also include older and less efficient projectors.

Update 4/20: Posted by the famous DuanRui Insider Apple New photo It gives us information about the changes Apple is making to the iPhone 13 screen. Leaks has third-party screen protectors. See the previous report Apple has drastically lowered the category with the next-generation iPhone. Keeping the protector up to the iPhone 12 (pictured below), DuanRui explains that the height itself has barely changed, but Apple has reduced the length of the notch by about 30%. Viewer also highlights the same set of switches that led Apple to claim that one of the reports could have provided the file. Dual front camera with autonomy. While unlikely, the reduction itself is very welcome and iOS 15 may find new ways to enhance this marginal screen space further.

Update 4/21: DuanRui Additional Information After yesterday’s Apple Spring Loaded event. The tip is that you can expect the iPhone to include a new integrated high-speed, high-power data cable that comes with Apple’s redesigned iMac. DuanRui points out that the design for this was understood as a braided design. Mr. White revealed It was September last year, but he hasn’t noticed since. So it looks like Apple is now pushing for a cable upgrade, but after its debut with the new iMac, it is expected to come out on the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Mac Pro in the future. And as Apple increasingly integrates hardware and software into these devices, this parity makes a lot of sense.

Young answered the question He said Quina-quina 2022 is the date when two standard iPhones could expect this technology, which consists of a high refresh rate of 120Hz and an LTPO display that automatically adjusts the refresh rate up to 1Hz to save power, such as when viewing photos . The decision is a big bet for Apple.

High update rates have been popular on Android phones for almost two years now, as the 90Hz and 120Hz panels move to low-end phones like Samsung’s $ 160. Galaxy M12. So asking fans once again to spend nearly $ 1,000 (taxes included) on an iPhone in late 2021 with a standard 60Hz OLED screen pays the price.

Meanwhile, Young’s statement that Apple will offer LTPO and ProMotion panels for every iPhone 13 Pro is good news. This is because, surprisingly, there is a growing history that can only be obtained on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It must have been a disaster. And it should be information you can trust while watching the strong young man.

So what would the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini sell if it weren’t for the ProMotion screen? Literally the big news is a new extra large camera and a new smart video mode, Apple (finally) reduced cracking, added advanced WiFi technology and 2nd generation and 5G MagSafe enhancements. Apple’s A15 chip is similar. A group that is impressed, as usual.

And there is a release date. Industry reports show that production of the iPhone 13 is much faster than expected, so you don’t have to wait long. Put your hand on one.


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According to a new Apple report, the iPhone 13 is 20% more energy efficient than the iPhone 12.

Apple Insider checks new alerts affecting all iPhone users

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