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This anecdote appears in Cosmic Connections, the first massive scientific book published by astronomer Carl Sagan (1934-1996). He went to dinner with a publisher planner and a Polynesian restaurant in Boston, USA. "Soon you will be asked to decrypt important messages." Could this be a coincidence? Actually, he became the best-selling Cosmic Connection, and his successor, Cosmos, has become a long-term astronomical bridge linking Earth and space. People like him more.

However, the person who received the "request to decipher an important message" would not be the only one. Many scientists who shine like stars around the world are still struggling to measure the order of the universe or to inform people about this order.

Kim Sang-wak (48) can not be ignored if one of those who play such a role in Korea is quoted. He is a professor of physics at the University of Kiunghee, and recently he became known to the public by appearing on the TV program "Alleishin 3" (tvN). "Blink and reverberation" is a beautiful and vibrant book on public science he has published.

"The Universe is trembling"

Let's start with a title story. Why did he mention the words "shaking" and "echoing"? The reason is that these two key words can explain the mechanism of the universe.

The author says: "The universe is blinking, all cells are shaking." The problem is that it's not a literary inquiry. The table in front of you and the books on the bookshelf are also in the Jeongkungdong movement. Observation with an electronic microscope can give everyone a slight vibration.

When the vibration is long, it becomes a wave. The train is the real world. All waves and sounds are waves. So why is the word "Eolim" in the title next to each other?

"People repeat, we repeat with a lot of trembling in the surroundings … We want to be the person who responds to the shaking of others." My echo is another shudder and I want to be rewarded with a new echo. People react and tremble. "

In "trembling and echoing", such a beautiful and beautiful sentence leads easily. The author uses two key words, trembling and echoing, like a rod and war, drawing the enormous order of the universe.

It's a job that can sense intellectual satisfaction if everyone thinks it's hard but there is not much content. Thanks to the author's ability to show unforgettable content in the literary style. The author wrote: "I wrote in the hope that physics would look like a human being" and wrote: "I tried to say physics through the sense of humanity." It seems that this goal is constantly achieved. It's hard enough and specifically that there is no question whether a scientist writes some questions or not.

The stories in the book are not really playful. She carefully studied every kind of theory of Gotham, which would be mentioned by well-known thinkers of the East and the West. "How much time is it?" "How much room is space?" Death is something, "How does the world work?" ….

Among these issues, the physician's view of death is very different from those of ordinary people. "When we know the atom, everything in the world starts to look different," he writes. Everything that stands out is just a "gathering of atoms," so that death is merely the atomization of the atom. "Atom is immortal, so the birth and death of a man do not differ from the gathering and dissipation of atoms."

It is also impressive that the reason why the world exists. To explain why the world exists, we must explain the beginning of the universe. Physicists think that there is a "starting point" of the universe, which is a big blow. However, this does not mean that the universe was born while "striking" the space. Before the Big Bang, there was no empty space. Why is the theory of the great real convincing? This is the observation that the universe is constantly expanding. This result can be obtained by searching for the path of light that originates from the past. To answer the question: "Why does the world exist?" You should be able to explain why a big blow occurred. The author concludes the story of this issue by introducing the sentence into the masterpiece by Stephen Hawking (1942-2018), "The History of Time".

"If we find the answer to the question of why the universe exists, it will be the ultimate victory of human reason. Only then will we know the heart of God."

The World of Science

We recall the remarks of Alberto Einstein (1879-1955). "God does not play backgammon." The essence of this statement is that everything has a set of principles. If so, is there a "fortunate future"? The problem is chaos. There are complex movements in the world that are difficult to predict. If so, is there no answer that human beings can enjoy? Science is at the end of the study of agnosticism.

In conclusion, we have weapons in mathematics. Science "dominates the rule of probability". If you throw "1" when you throw dead, you can not understand why this number came out, but you can see the option "1". We can solve many problems with a simple add / drop system.

"Mathematics describes nature in an incredibly accurate and effective way … Physicists believe that even if they know an alien, they can communicate in mathematics. I do not know if the universe really is used in mathematics or if we can only understand the world in terms of mathematics, but Without mathematics there is no physics. "

The universe is moving according to the formula. One day is 24 hours. One year is 365 days. If something falls on the ground, it drops 4.9 m / s. But there is no special reason for the & # 39; 24 & # 39; & # 39; 365 & # 39; & Lt; 4,9 & gt ;. The same applies to other scientific laws. However, human beings convey the meaning of something in the background of science. We think that human beings, the extinction of dinosaurs and the sharing of love appear in this world.

The author wrote: "Human beings give meaning to a meaningless universe and live." "Although the meaning is just a product of imagination, it is human to live like that. I do not know what happiness is, but people who try to live happily." Man enjoys happiness in a senseless universe, enjoying the imagination he has made in his imagination system. is wild from the universe. "The white paper of this book is that it attracts the world of science without being so cold.

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