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Trump, Lee Jae-yong, created a "


On October 30, US President Donald Trump met with Korean businessmen at the Hyatt Hotel in Namsan, Seoul. Mr. Trump encouraged investment and said that

On October 30, US President Donald Trump met with Korean businessmen at the Hyatt Hotel in Namsan, Seoul. Mr. Trump encouraged investment and said "Korean companies are an adequate opportunity to expand US investment." Ung Kim Seung-suk, Nae-Sook Nae, Young Kwon Young-soo, vice president of LG, J Lee Jae-yong, vice president of Samsung Electronics, ④ vice president UGH Hongan, president of Ryujin Poongsan, ⑥ Jong Yong-jin Shinsegae vice president, Ung Kim Seung-yeon, President of Hanhwa, President of the United States Chamber of Commerce in Korea, Chairman of the SPC of Heo Young In, ⑫ Chairman of Hankook Tire, ⑬ Senior Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group, President of SK Corporation Tae Won Choi. [연합뉴스]

US President Donald Trump said: "It's a good opportunity to expand US investment," a press conference after a meeting with Korean businessmen on Monday. Trump urged Korean companies to continue investing in the United States. The vice president of Samsung Electronics, Lee Jae-yong, Senior Vice President of the Hyundai Motors group, President Chey Tae-won and President Sohn Kyung-sik of CJ Group. I am grateful for the American investment. Lotte, who has announced investment plans of 3.60 billion won, has joined with President Shin Dong-bin. He also expressed "excellent" entrepreneurs who invested in the United States, saying: "It's an honor to know the business geniuses that lead the Korean conglomerates."

President Trump also suggested that Korean cars could be excluded from the high and punitive tariffs of foreign-manufactured cars. Trump said: "The ROK-US alliance is solid and well received," he said. "We can apply to automobile companies." It is hoped that Korean cars could be abandoned at high rates in accordance with article 232 of the Commercial Expansion Law.

I also mentioned the construction of a Korean company. Trump said: "I was surprised to see the Samsung building. The Lotte tower also saw the first time that" the height of the building is very impressive, "he opened his mouth. say: "I would like to congratulate and encourage you to build such a beautiful tower." He also commented on the specific characteristics of the corporate buildings of Samsung and Lotte Doo, saying: "The results may vary depending on the materials used and how They are designed in the process of building several buildings. "It was estimated that the buildings that President Trump mentioned were the buildings of Samsung Electronics in Gangnam-gu, Seoul and the world tower Lotte in Songpa-gu, Seoul. Trump He did not visit the two buildings separately during the visit.

Trump "I admire the Samsung Building and the Lotte Tower"

This is the second time that President Trump mentioned the Lotte World Tower. Mr. Trump, who visited Korea in November 2017, said in his address to the National Assembly: "Stunning buildings like 63 buildings and the world tower Lotte in Seoul are embroidered in the sky."

The head of the Lotte group said: "Even though President Trump has never visited Lotte World Tower, he can be seen at the Hyatt hotel, where he stayed, the Lotte World Tower." President Trump is interested in the real estate business. A Samsung official also said: "President Trump may have passed the Gyeongbu freeway and mentioned the Mart or Suwon factory."

When the meeting ended with a pleasant atmosphere, LG and other Korean companies shed relief. Contrary to expectations, sensitive topics such as the Chinese computer company Huawei did not appear at the meeting. It seems that the two countries agreed to resume the US-China trade talks at the G20 Summit held in Osaka yesterday.

In particular, LG worried that LGU Plus, a telecommunications subsidiary, imported 4G (LTE) and 5G mobile communication equipment from Huawei, which appears on the blacklist of Trump Administration. LG attended the meeting with vice-president Kwon Young-soo, who is the director general of holdings of the holding company on behalf of the general representative LG Kwang-Mo.

Vice President Kwon Young-soo attended the LG representative

In the business world, it was widely seen that the vice president of Kwon explained the business relationship between Huawei and LG Yuplus because he attended the meeting with President Trump. Kwon said: "There was no story about the situation in Huawei" shortly after the event.

On the same day, the Namsan Hyatt hotel was strictly controlled for security reasons. Samsung Electronics vice president Lee Jae-yong, vice president of Hyundai Motors, and vice president of Hyundai Motors, Jung-Yong Lee, attended the Korean-US business meetings of the US Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the 8:30 am. Includes vice president and chief executive Chey Tae-won, chairman of the SK group, Shin Dong Bin, chairman of the Lotte group, Kim Seung Yeon, chairman of the Hanwha group, chairman of the group Roh Chang Soo GS, chairman of the group CJ Sohn Kyung-sik, chairman of the Park Jeongwon Doosan group and others. The Hanjin group was attended by Woo Ki Hong, vice president of Korea Aviation Corporation, instead of President Cho Hye Tae. The meeting with President Trump traveled for about 35 minutes as of 10:15, which was 15 minutes late.

Kang Ki-hun, Young Kim Min and Won-suk Oh, reporter

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