Saturday , September 25 2021

“Vis” Tei “A close friend Cho Chan-hyung and his wife are separated by a problem.”

Tei (Photo = MBC Every One)
[이데일리 스타in 김가영 기자] Singer Tei confesses why he broke up with his best friend Cho Chan-hyeong.

MBC Every1’s’ Video Star ‘, which airs on the 6th, is a special feature’ I didn’t have time to live. It is decorated with ‘I change my name because I want to appear’ and features Tei, Choi Je-woo, Lee Gyu-sung and Cha Seo-won.

Tei, who has been active as a guest since the early days of ‘Video Star’, recorded 5 cumulative appearances based on this broadcast, joining the ranks of top performers along with Heo Gyeong-hwan and Din Dean. He expressed his ambition for the title of the most performed single, saying: “I want to be the person who appeared the most because I came out a lot. He also showed an overwhelming stage singing the musical number that currently appears.

In this special feature, made up of guests who changed their name, Tay showed his willingness to create another name for the activity. He asked the MCs for advice on how “the 3” instead of Tei was the name of the entertainment activity. The message that the MCs who heard the words made a reverse suggestion about what ‘Te8’ was like and made the scene laugh. Tei, who acquired a new entertainment show called “Te8i,” is told by the production team that he showed a divine sense of entertainment that helps the entertainment scene.

On the other hand, actor Cho Chan-hyeong, known as Tay’s best friend, appears as a special guest on the show. The two people who boasted of a warm friendship claiming to be their managers at the point of “omniscient meditation”, but now live apart because of the woman’s problem, raising everyone’s curiosity. The reason the two had to choose to separate will be revealed through the broadcast.

The different performances of the usual ‘Video Star’ actor can be seen on April 6 at 20:30 on MBC Every1 “Video Star”.

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