Tuesday , May 18 2021

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The so-called "attack on the Isu station" is a hot discussion.

On the 13th of this month, a two-way attack at a bar near the Seoul Isu station expanded into a castle.

When the situation worsened, he went to Chung Kiung-riong, the chief of police,

Kim Ji-Sook recognized what happened.


Three men and two women fought each other at the bar in Seoul's Isus station 13 and the woman was injured on the head.

It was almost complete with a simple attack, but it is a case of online publication that the fights have joined the statement of "female abusive behavior".

What happened? Journalists met one of two women in person.

The woman presented the video at the moment of the incident.

A man on the stairs holds a female cuff.

[여성 A씨/음성변조 : “계단에서 밀지 말라고! 밀지 말라고!”]

Men are pushing women.

The woman insisted that the men at the bar first made a statement to deflect feminism and seriously hurt their head outside the stairs.

[여성 A씨/사건 당사자/음성변조 : “페미니즘 관련된 얘기를 했어요. 근데 저희가 들은 단어는 메갈X이다… 속닥속닥 거리고. 저희도 불쾌해서 ‘한남’ 그런 단어들이 나온 거죠.”]

However, there was a controversy over the "men's interference" on the Internet; on the contrary, women abused men.

[여성 A씨/음성변조 : “내 ○○가 네 ○○보다 더 크다.”]

The men also reported in a police investigation that "women did" men hate "statements and go down the stairs themselves."

[술집 직원/음성변조 : “저쪽 여자분들이 삿대질한 것 같던데. 안에선 싸움 안 났어요. 여기서 말다툼하다가 여기 나가서 사고 나고…”]

When the situation deteriorated, Chief of Police Chung Kiung-riong said he would investigate quickly and strictly.

But due to the overwhelming concern, the officers delayed the entire presence of the police.

The police said that CCTV confirmed that women in the bar first made physical contact and interrupted.

KBS Nevs It's Kim Ji Suk.

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