Tuesday , March 2 2021

Wife's Favor & # 39; Hong Hyun-hee, father-in-law & # 39;

[베리타스알파=김하연 기자] "The taste of women" Hong Hyun-hee revealed the dress status of her father-in-law.

On the 29th, TV, "Hong, Hyun-hee, Ji-bitu and his wife traveled with my parents to" No Taste of My Wife in the World. "On that day, Hong Hyun-hee went to Outdoor pool with their parents, dressed in swimsuits and then dressed in suits. Then, Hong Hyun-hee said: "I have more boats, I will show you first." He pulled out his dress and showed him wearing a suit Bath. His father-in-law, who saw Hong Hyun-hee, covered his eyes and entered the water and laughed.

/ Photo = TV Corea & # 39; Without taste in the world, the taste of wife & # 39;

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