Wednesday , September 28 2022

Yang Hae-sung "The crisis is too pronounced" Kim Dong-tion "Economy is not improved"


On September 6, the Executive Committee of the National Assembly noticed a change in the economic situation of Chong Va Dae Chief Officer. "An unfounded crisis will reduce economic sentiment," Chancellor Jeong Chan said at a meeting with the ruling party, the ruling party and the central government on April 4: "We will be able to see the growth outlook for next year's revenue." "The reason why the economy is not a crisis is the fact that Kospi has decreased and various economic indicators have fallen sharply." "The expression that the national economy has fallen into a crisis is very much an interpretation," Jeong said. "If there is one thing Moon Moon did-the best for the candle, let me tell you one thing." (Member of the Democratic Party of the Democratic Party of the Democratic Party) responded: "Economically, we have implemented a growth-led growth policy for low-income and middle-income people." .

However, the words of Kim Dong-ieon, Deputy Prime Minister Kim, On the same day, South Korean Rep. Lee Yang-voo asked, "Have you ever said that the economy is improving at the end of the year?" Kim said: "I never said that (Cheong Va Dae), I think the policy director probably expressed hope." The truth is that he rejected the main executive comment that the economy will improve. Kim also said: "I expressed my gratitude to the President in the sense that I will not avoid the responsibility of the current employment situation." This is the first time Kim has recognized the company's declaration.

◆ Transfer of an economic real estate office"To this day, Chae Hae Sung said:" The inclusion of a social leader in real estate policy in his early days was a government official, but he recently tried to transfer her to an economic office. "The previous day, Chief Economist of the Presidential Office, Iun Jong-von, said at the National Assembly's preliminary committee:" I was in charge of the energy problem and Predom Soo-hiun. The immunity of the main competencies and de-nuclearization policies were transferred to the IUN. Spokesman Cheong Va Dae said that Kim stressed the necessity of considering the economic policy of the property measures and did not say whether they were transferred.

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