Monday , May 10 2021

A breast milk analyzer was installed at the hospital – Egoiste and Harmoni

This is one of the most important devices on the way to establishing a milk bank. The milk analyzer determines the energy content of the mother's milk and the composition of the proteins, lipids and carbohydrates it contains. With the help, doctors are already assessing whether breast milk has enough food for the newborn baby and whether it needs to be further strengthened.

Mentor milk is the most suitable diet in the early stages of premature baby life, however, when milk is not available to the mother, donor milk plays an important role. So, almost everywhere in Europe there are mothers of milk banks, where breastfeeding mothers can donate their milk to those mothers of prematurely born babies who do not have enough milk. When a milk analyst is installed at the Clinical Hospital for Children, Latvia is also about to establish the first milk bank mother.

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The greatest nutritional requirements are the smallest

A child born before time has a much greater dietary need than a baby that is born in time. Nutritional infants consume more energy when they grow, so they need more protein. "For the baby to grow and develop, basic" bricks "- proteins and carbohydrates are needed," explains Amanda Smildzere, a neonatologist at the Children's Hospital, chairman of the Latvian Association of Neonatologists, one of the initiators of the Breast milk idea. "Maternal milk is the best nutrition for any child, but sometimes it is necessary to strengthen early milk for babies so that they can get everything they need and survive. Every mother's milk is unique and different even if mothers have similar habits in their diet and lifestyle. The milk analyzer determines the milk composition of a particular mammal, its energy value, as well as the amount of lipids, carbohydrates and protein present. This is important in cases when infants can not absorb all their milk themselves and a portion of the nutrients should be placed in the vein. We will provide the best possible nutrition for very small babies. "

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Baby is suitable for a child's plan

The birth of a child is always an alarming event, but the arrival of a child in the world before time can be a particularly emotional experience for parents. Dr. Smildzere acknowledges that employees and mothers appreciate the possibility of obtaining a diet plan adapted to their child, based on milk milk analysis. "Mammals want to give their baby the best, so it becomes strong and healthy, but the smallest do not always have milk from their mother. That's why the moms are happy to tell you that now we have the opportunity to check if there is a need for milk in milk or need to be further strengthened . "

How to determine the composition of the most complex fluid in the world?

As long as milk bank in Latvia is only the top, the milk analyzer is used to determine the milk composition of mother's babies and creates a nutrition plan for each child. In October, specialists from the Clinical Hospital for Children trained medical staff to work with a milk analyzer at a special seminar.

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