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Asteroid, flowers, color paper … What is "Latvia" for 100 years?


The name "Latvia" was born relatively recently in the territory of today -19. century and something is older than the state itself.

Today we can conclude that the word "Latvia" is also immortal – in order to show respect, honor or love for Latvia, in its name several things and places have been called in the last 100 years. This is not so much, with a little surprise, the head of the Latvian Latvian Institute for the Promotion of Latvia acknowledged.

Aiva Rosenberg

Director of the Latvian Institute

At first, it seems incredible, but on the other hand, we could imagine that it seems to me that the man is unequivocally clear – Latvia is Latvia. And it is likely that the word is quite sacred to make full use of it, as they say, on every corner and on every thing we create.

The first news of the yellow yellow amber of Latvia was already in the 18th century, known as the race of popular breeding. The name of Latvia, called the Latvian Dark Head, named after Latvia during its first years of independence, was the Latvian name, named after Latvia, on behalf of Latvia on behalf of Latvia at the turn of the 1930s and 1940s. The widespread use of the Latvian word was in the years of adventure, then Latvian "plunder" was created, and also the pig race "Latvian white", which now enters the line of endangered races.

The seal "Latvia" was such a special thing. In the years of the Soviet Union, a supermarket factory in Riga or RAF began to produce a minivan, and two models had the name of Latvia. They could not buy it individually, but what they wanted to do was to get this letter to their home.

Representatives of "Rafina" are now seen at the Motor Museum in Riga. It represents Rafa for two generations, but why do these models give the word "Latvia" is not really explored, it's just a term.

Juris Vanags

Manager of the exhibition of motor vehicles in Riga

If logically we connect parallels, then the moped from the Red Star factory also called "Riga", in Kharkov, produced radio "Ukraine", in Latvia VEF radio radio "Latvia". The tendency of time to produce items of given names is popular. This is still the time when Berkeley works in Latvia, and when Khrushchev has not yet started his anti-nationalist policy, then give this title "Latvia".

Most of these vehicles were manufactured and used for the needs of state authorities, hospitals, firefighters and police. But the model that is called the tourist variant has more windows, a roof hatch on the ceiling, a cozy cabin.

Since 1957, RAF, including models with the words "Latvia", has been produced for 40 years. So, in the early nineties. In the meantime, the name of Latvie is given to several different types of flowers, such as the Dahlian race "Latvian red" and "Latvian red" floral bulb. However, in 2015, Latvia received a tulip variety called "Latvia" as a gift from the Netherlands. The tulips in the red and white color of the Netherlands were presented to Latvia in honor of the EU Council Presidency.

August Zilbert

Representative of the National Library of Latvia

It is symbolic that the Netherlands took over the presidency in 2016, which is therefore symbolic of the future gesture of future cooperation from the Netherlands to Riga.

Tulips in the library are no longer installed. Now, instead of tulips, "shines" Rain.

Tulip bulbs, at the end of the presidency of Latvia, were distributed throughout Latvia in various remote municipalities.

Speaking of the mysterious space, there is also the name of Latvia – the asteroid circles around our Sun, which our country called.

Ilgmars Eglitis

Head of Baldone Observatory

Large sizes, over 30 kilometers. It was named in 1934, although it was discovered in 1933.

At the moment, with the number 1284, a small register of asteroids was discovered in Germany, and the name "Latvia" was presented by a German astronomer.

"Regarding the fact that the Latvian astronomer was very active in the development of small planets, different comets, not only in the methodology of calculating asteroid orbit," says Eglitis.

However, it is difficult to see the asteroid "Latvia". Although the Baldon Observatory has the largest telescope in Latvia and can detect up to 50 meters of asteroids, the asteroid "Latvia" is far away – about 450 million kilometers from the earth. At our safe distance for our planet.

In the small planet registry, you can find the location of the asteroid and see the parameters on a particular web page. Asteroid "Latvia" is located on the right side of the Milky Way, between the constellation of scorpion and opossum. But in order to see Latvia, it would have to go further south, closer to Ethiopia or Egypt.

If we still have far from the stars, then, thanks to modern technologies, not only the word "Latvia", but the entire outline of the country can be passed in London – the Latvian Institute made a digital map a few years ago and began to invite people around the world, wherever is to create a Contour Latvian Folder, go, go or go and share on social networks.

A special application on the phone assumes that this card remains for the user. Currently, such Latvian maps have already been drawn in many countries of the world.

Aiva Rosenberg

Director of the Latvian Institute

So, an emotional connection, no matter where you are in the world, so Latvia comes with you. Almost only Antarctica and the Arctic are places where there are no maps of Latvia, which is why it is a gift to Latvia, a sign of honor for Latvia for a hundred years, from our people around the world and at the same time a gift to the inhabitants of that city.

However, why are the words today less and less in Latvia. The expert of the Latvian Institute acknowledges – we confirm that we feel quite stable as a state. She is convinced that Latvia has something to be proud of, and there are ideas that change the world and why they can not give them the name of Latvia.

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