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Bluger: The fact that I have a contract with "Penguins" does not mean I can relax


Bluger "Penguins" at the team Photo:

It has already been reported that the Pittsburgh Penguins club of the National Hockey League (NHL) signed an agreement with the Latvian attacker Teodor Bluger on Tuesday.

A 24-year-old bomber signed a single contract until the end of the 2021 season. During the season, Latvian will earn $ 750,000 (€ 669,000) before taxes.

Bluger discovered: "It's a good feeling to keep up-to-date with where you'll be in the next season. I have worked hard to get where I am. It has been a while since the draft of the NHL, but it finally arrived. "

"I had a great time in Pittsburgh, though it was only about three months. All the guys were great and some knew that I played with them in the American Hockey League (AHL)," said Theodore His first season at the NHL.

Latvian spoke to me about the NHL playing: "The NHL adaptation asked me about 10 or 15 games. At first, I am worried that it is difficult to get a puck in the opponent's area. I also had to decrease the speed to form a team game. Then the game went slowly "

"Signing a contract in a way with penguins does not mean that I can relax now. I still have to work hard. Now I will continue to train to be in the best possible way when the training camp begins." Blugger said.

Bluger debuted at the NHL last season. He scored six goals in 28 games and gave four ratings. The debut of the NHL attacker was on January 30 in a match against the Tampabe Lightning.

Most of 2018/2019 In the 2008 season, Bluger played in the American Hockey League (AHL), where the Wilksburg / Penguins team of Skrenton scored 21 goals in 18 games and 18 returned to the marker

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