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Cancer of television personality Ilze Kalve; operations already carried out: celebrities – – Entertainment


"I never imagined that a doctor said" cancer, "but I've never really been seriously damaged, and even now there is nothing wrong! The reason? Probably genetics, there have been several cases in the family.

Now, the second operation in one of the best Latvian oncologists – Doctor Macuk – has been successfully completed, but for chemotherapy it is also necessary. I would not like to stay out of the hair (the song "Basic stamina" with the text – one on the corner without any hair! It will be for me), I know we are in the two universities and hospitals in the United Kingdom, Maybe someone participates in clinical trials for cancer treatment?

Shooting and flying around will have to be postponed for a while, but may finally be trapped in the series of YouTube redecoration videos. He was always postponed and postponed because things were always more important for filming …

In any case, the situation is not remote, it was very disappointing that it was discovered in time, and if I struggled well, then, as the doctor said, "we can expect a good result." Except for hair, of course, "wrote Kalve.

I never imagined that the doctor said "cancer." I've never done anything serious, and even now …

Posted by Ilze Kalve on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

As the "Private life" edition was discovered by a television personality, he performed his operations in Latvia, not in the United Kingdom, because here it was possible to do so at a faster rate, at Moreover, Latvian doctors were more professionals. "It's true, I was not prepared for these costs, but the main thing is that everything has been done. I was lucky because the first investigation until the second operation was just over a month. I also have the I intend to use the regulation of the European Union (EU) – this means A resident of an EU country can opt for private medical services in any country of the EU and my country of origin he pays them ".

Kalve admitted that he does not need financial support at the moment;

He has also been able to announce an incident that occurred after the operation.

"You can see one of my greatest recent fools in the image: the fourth day after the operation I noticed leaving the sun to take a walk, because the doctor put everything well until I had to return to the fifth floor Ansis Klintsons came to help, which, as we know, is actively engaged in physical fitness, calculate how much weight he had put in the gym and he took me silently in one step.

In his image on the image, the stretcher is Ansis, the back of the man wears the robe. You can not see anything, but at least the fact is fixed. "

You can see one of my most recent absurd images on the image: on the 4th day after surgery, I noticed the sun …

Posted by Ilze Kalve on Thursday, April 18, 2019

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