Friday , May 20 2022

Citizens of the city council paid 2.91 million euros to enter the city of Jurmala


City council of Jurmala on entrance fees in the city This year, she collected 2.91 million euros, confirmed local government spokeswoman Zana Leita.

This year, from April to the end of September, 1.24 million one-off passes were purchased, which is 240,000 more than last year. The largest number of passes was recorded in July weekend, but the largest number of cups per day is July 22, when 15,000 tickets were purchased.

According to Leite, the purchase of electronic passports is increasing significantly every year, and in the course of two years, the number of electronic payments has increased almost four times. A total of 39% of passes were purchased electronically this season. The most popular form of electronic payment is via mobile application Mobilli.

The collected funds were included in the city's basic budget and spent on tourism, creating a favorable environment for the development of settlements, environmental protection, protection of cultural monuments and ensuring public order and security, informed Leite.

As noted, in order to reduce the rows at the entry points, this year the order has been changed, enabling the purchase of a pass-through after entering the city, provided that it is obligatory to arrive at 23.59 on the day of arrival. Electronic payment options have been expanded because one day can be purchased not only through mobile payments Mobilli and Riga Card, but also on the website of the municipality The city also has several entry-paying machines, and next year it is planned to put more cars in the city.

The ticket on the administrative territory of Jurmala has been in force since 1996. The fee is valid from April 1 to September 31.

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