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Cockey: By issuing the generic names of reimbursable medications, patients will save about 20 million euros


Minister of Health Ilze Vairķele.

The use of generic names of repayable medications by prescription could allow patients to save about 20 million euros, as the amount of co-payments will decrease, according to journalists, Ilze Vairele (AP).

The politician said that this funding would allow the list of repayable drugs to be expanded and supplemented with new innovative medications.

Two areas where new drugs must be included in the list of reimbursable medications are narcology and cardiovascular treatment, he added.

According to her, although the Latvian Family Physician Association (L) GA) does not support the introduction of new changes, the Association of Rural Family Physicians in Latvia has expressed support, since it is the rural family doctors who have found their patients with a very low level of support.

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He said that he believed that the objections of family doctors were based, in part, on patient care, but he considered that the benefits of using a generic name for a medication were greater than the difficulties that he suffered and that the first patients were first prescribed by general practitioners.

The minister promised that informational events or seminars would be held if family doctors faced high patient resistance.

"If you need it, sit in the reception room and explain the benefits," he said.

As of April 1 of the following year, you have already reported that the price difference between the cheapest and cheaper equivalent therapeutic efficacy should not be exceeded the 100% threshold, decided by the government, to support modifications to the drug reimbursement procedure and outpatient medical devices.

The Ministry of Health plans to implement several measures as from April 1 of the following year to reduce the amount of co-payment for patients for the purchase of reimbursable medication. One of the measures is to prescribe a medication or a generic name when a reimbursable medication is prescribed.


According to the amendments, the doctor can only use the name of the company at the time of prescription, if there are medical conditions, such as the appearance of certain side effects of medications on the list of reimbursable medications or , for example, in the case of prescribing a narrow therapeutic index.

The Ministry underlined that the general name of the drug should be at least 70% of the total amount of medications prescribed throughout the year.

The Board of Administration of LDA opposes the proposed amendments, which are mandatory to prescribe the generic name of the medication not only for patients who have not received the reimbursable medication but also for those who have already done so received, but it has not been established that none of them will produce the desired therapeutic effect.

As demonstrated by GAERC's opinion on Tuesday's amendments to the procedure for reimbursement of the purchase of medical and outpatient medical devices, the association does not support these amendments.

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As the association points out, most patients use a long-term medication, already found and tested, but with other medications, each patient has no experience. When prescribing the generic name of the medication to the general practitioner, patients will begin to receive medications that have not been used before, and may also change quarterly, expressed in an opinion.

From the point of view of LEGA, these changes in patients will cause confusion, reduce parity and generate disbelief in treatment that will worsen the results of the treatment. "If patients want to get the cheapest medicine, the doctor can also prescribe it and the patient can obtain it. It is not justifiable that other patients participate in the experiments and check if the cheaper medications give the therapeutic effect desired in a period of time determined, "says the association.

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