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Designers are inspired to decorate the 100th anniversary of Latvia – Interior – House


"In preparation for the 100th anniversary of Latvia, we want to encourage people to create holidays in their homes and to show that even in a small room and on a small table it is easy to create a distinct presentation. These boards will be suitable for all sizes of holiday desks – they are beautiful and practical and perfectly complement the feeling of rest, "says Baiba Freya, Head of Communications and Interiors at IKEA Latvia.

PHOTO: Photo Ikea / Publiciti

"To bring home a sense of public holiday does not require expensive decorations – all you need is available in the woods, by the sea or in our home, and can be combined with available decorations such as candles, napkins and ornaments. Create a festive design design inspired by what Latvia has tied to you – whether it is a festival of songs, nature or Latvian literature – emphasizes Gundega Skudrin.

Interior designer and advice of organizers for decorative table ceremonies:

1. Select a theme and color. Consider what materials and colors you like and choose one. What do you do with them? For example, green color can be related to nature. Inspire your chosen topic by going outdoors or watching related topics on the Internet, going to the forest or on the shore of the sea and decorating the party with them.

PHOTO: Photo Ikea / Publiciti

2. Create a menu. It is desirable to be connected with the topic of the festival or even the color. If you are proud of being on the coast, use bushes, stones or shells to make the decoration of seafood and seafood. Estimate how much free space you need on the table and how to give it an interesting presentation, for example, for cakes to serve food.

3. Explore your inventory. Think about what type of dishes – dishes, glasses or decorations – you have at home and will suit the chosen theme of the holiday. Use what you already have, because often the most interesting ideas come in. For example, literature lovers can use poetry lines of their favorite writers, written on canvases or tablecloths.

PHOTO: Photo Ikea / Publiciti

4. Give Treasure Hunt. Interesting things can be found in the store, in the nature and in the grandmother's garden. The participants of the celebration of the song can use the plate and folk costumes in the decoration of the table – the backing, Lielvarde beans or brooms. If you are a nature lover, decorate a table with various plants and natural wines – throw a melon mint into vases, read headlines or nuts in glass containers and create incense on the table.

5. Save money. The celebration should not be expensive. Think about what you really want and think about whether the desired thing will be long-term use. A festive feeling can be created by giving a new and perhaps even unprecedented use in everyday items for the house, such as dishes, vases, candle holders, napkins. At a solemn table, even dishes and cutlery that are used daily will look completely different.

PHOTO: Photo Ikea / Publiciti

6. Time for the ceremony! Play with items, combine them in different ways, and appreciate how they look together. Latvian traditions are an excellent source of inspiration for dishes – bring crochet dishes, decorate the space for barbecue and table cloths. For every visitor, write folk songs on the sheet and slide onto his board.

When the celebration is over, the ornaments of the celebrations will be arranged and stored for the next time – then it will take longer, take up less space at home, and make it easier to use for other celebrations.

Five Latvian Centers for banquets – Traditions, Nature, Sea, Ziedona and Song Festivals – can be seen at the IKEA Riga store on the 1st and 2nd floors from November 15th to 19th. In addition, everyone is invited to participate in the competition and vote at the table that is most appropriate. On November 20, IKEA will win five winners and give each of these festive tables.

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