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Eric and Durent choose "Nets" – Basketball –


Already in the first hours of the free agency it became clear that it would be the biggest winner of this intermediate season Brooklyn Nets. Along with the Brooklyn unit, he decided to go to the game manager Cairie Ericling and an attacker Kevin Duretn, which, probably, will be recovered the whole season following the breakdown of the Achilles tendon. Irving's game manager will receive 142 million in four seasons, while Durenta's portfolio will have 164 million in the same period. Both basketball players have already won NBA championships in their careers. The 27-year-old Irving won the title with the Cavaliers in Cleveland, and Durent, 30, became a champion and finalist in the MVP Goldenstein Warriors.

Boston Celtics The position of Trapper in the position, after the departure of Erving, will be suffocated by a player of 29 years Kembu Vokeru. During the last three seasons, the star has agreed to a $ 141 million deal with Boston for four years. "Hornet", owned by Michael George, was not prepared to pay Voker a supermax, which facilitated the game leader to become good Celtic offer

The most valuable player in the League represented by Jan Adetokunbo Milwaukee Bucks He tried to keep the team's core around his superstar. The attacker Chris Midlton It was agreed with the Milwaukee team for a five-year contract, receiving 178 million, which is less than 12 that Midton's maximum contract. The last year of the Midton contract also includes the player's option. In turn, a distance learning center Bruks Lopess It plans to sign a four-year contract for 52 million.

Units in Milwaukee will not remain in the rows Wood fangs. The guard with Bucks has agreed to sign and replace the contract with Indiana Pacers, where a basketball player recognized as the best league debut three years ago will receive 85 million in four seasons. To the "Bucks" exchange agreement, Pacers will receive the first and second order of the cartoonist. In addition, the Indiana team managed to attract a lightweight attacker Jeremy Lemb, which will receive 31.5 million dollars in three years.

The 76ers of Philadelphia He decided to award a large contract to a mid-season exchange Tobias for Harris. The 26-year-old attacker received a five-year contract of 180 million. In the same way, Philadelphia has begun negotiations to expand the contract with Ben Simons.

Sniper Jayey Reddy He has decided to join the newcomer to the Zaill Williamson league Pelicans of New Orleans Two-year contract for 26.5 million.

Once, Goldenstein "Warriors" won the first championship title Harris Barns he agreed to stay Sacramento Kings rows The attacker will receive $ 85 million over the next four seasons of the Sacramento team. In the same way, the rows of the "Kings" of the new season will be experienced by the experts Trevor Ariza, which agreed to a contract of 25 million for two years. The center of the center will complement the rows of the Sacrament Unit Two Dedmons, which will receive 41 million in three seasons.

The most valuable player of the 2011 NBA season Derik Rouz he decided to continue his career Detroit Pistons 15 million contracts for two seasons.

Lithuanian center John Valanchun They will keep 45 million in three seasons Grizzlies Memphis rows Last season, Lithuanian moved to Memphis from the next NBA champion in Toronto "Raptors".

San Antonio Spurs In the rows the attacker will continue playing Rye Gaywho accepted a two-year contract for $ 32 million.

Charlotte Hornets the game will be managed Terry Roziers, which has received a totally guaranteed contract of 58 million for three seasons.

Finally, he ended his position as a vacant leader Phoenix Suns This put the Spanish leader of 51 million years at the table Blond Rikia.

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