Wednesday , September 28 2022

Gala bread with olive butter


Inviting a celebration of the Latvian holiday in a family atmosphere, cooking and sitting on a beautiful covered table on November 18, Zane Ozolin, culinary blogger "Naškejas" in cooperation with "Dobeles dzirnavnieks" recommends smoking a house with freshly baked bread while traveling on the table hot dice – little butter.

Mix wheat and rice flour, salt and yeast into the bowl, add water, mix with a dough spoon and let it stand at room temperature for 10 hours.

Pour the dough out of the bowl on the table, richly flourished, flush the bottle and place it on the baking tile, which spreads with olive oil and misses in a slow bowl. Allow the container to stir again for two hours.

When the fermentation time of the dough is almost completed, the oven heats up to 220 ° C and puts about 22 centimeters of cast iron or heat resistant heat resistant cepamform for approximately five minutes.

Rinse the dough with all the baking papers in the hot pot or dish, cover it with a heat-resistant cover and allow the oven to be prepared for 40 minutes, then remove the cover and continue cooking for another 30 minutes.

Bread bread is cut into slices and served with butter mixed with finely chopped cereal, salt and garlic pieces.

Good to taste!

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