Tuesday , September 27 2022

IMPORTANT! Where to get medical help during public holidays? – Health


Prior to the public holidays from November 17 to 19, the National Health Service (NSA) reminds citizens of the availability of medical assistance.

Medical counseling in case of illness will be available 24 hours at call 66016001. Family doctors advise on this phone for medical advice to tenants who need a family doctor's advice, but appeals to their health emerged outside the working hours of a family doctor.

Citizens are also encouraged to contact telephone specialists in cases of doubt whether the help is urgent or can be obtained after a break using your doctor's practice.

In Riga and other major cities of Latvia, state-sponsored medical assistance will be available to on-call doctors who provide medical consultations within the jurisdiction of a family doctor. Contribution for a patient of 1.42 euros is required for a visit to the security service *.

In case of injuries (such as burns, fractures, scurvy) or sudden illness, medical assistance is provided to the population in emergency medical points.

In emergencies, however, when there is a risk to human health or life, assistance is provided by the admission units to the hospital. If you are planning to go to the hospital admission department yourself, it is advisable to contact the hospital about the availability of assistance in accordance with the patient's medical condition before departure (if possible). For example, there are reception hospitals in the hospital that they can contact if they suspect bone fractures, while others can be converted into burns of the body. It should be taken into account that hospital admissions departments do not provide state-funded medical assistance in cases that are not urgent and require regular service.

The debtor's schedule for holidays and information on other options for obtaining medical assistance are available in the section "Where to Get Medical Assistance?" On the NSA website.

* Patient participation is not needed from patient discarded population groups. For example, children under the age of 18, disability groups 1, deprived people, politically repressed faces, etc.

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