Sunday , June 13 2021

In the show “Voice Mask” the Powerman Voice Mask is revealed

For Easter, on April 4, eight masks (Planet, Zebra, Phoenix, Butterfly, Strong Man, White Wolf, Leather Herring and Daughter of the Sun) appeared on the same stage for the first time in the musical show “Voice Mask,” and in the late evening the detectives decided to expose the Fort.

In this concert, participants performed their favorite love songs and discovered new threads about themselves. At the end of the evening, the daughter of the sun and the strong man went to the polls and the detectives agreed to expose the strong man.

Samanta Tīna mentioned that Jānis Ģīlis hides under the mask of the Powerman, Krivenchy leaned in favor of Hosam Abu Meri, but Jānis Šipkēvics and Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare unequivocally guessed that one of the best plastic surgeons in Latvia, Jānis Ziseck , hides. under the mask.

After exposing, Jānis admitted that he felt like the “blind hens” were running out because he didn’t see anything and added that it would be interesting to see the show himself.

The well-known plastic surgeon immediately agreed to participate in the program: “I am used to making quick decisions. This is typical of my job.

I think that was the right decision. Fantastic experience. I think it will be so interesting and it was really interesting.

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