Tuesday , July 5 2022

Jelen commented on Gevorg's remarks about who was the wiser in the ring


Latvian Boxing Trainer Mairis Briedis cited statements by his opponents in the media about how he was smarter than the Latvian in the round before the press conference in Chicago before the fourth quarter Finals Boxing against Germany Noel Gevor, also known as Norairs Mikaelans.

It has already been said that Govor has said that Brides is thinking a lot and making a lot of blows, but that he was called a wise boxer in the ring.

"He knows more languages ​​than me, so he says he's smarter than me. There's a different way in the box," the lady commented on the opponent's statement. In America we are all who love the box, like the rumors of the opponents, but I have been working for the police for 11 years and I can say that they are all different, and there is another mentality in every country. I can not say anything because all the events in the ring show. "

Gevors was pleased at the news conference that he was able to take part in this tournament. "Here are the eight best boxers, so I can not wait on Saturday, and then we will see what will be my advantage in the ring." Jelen is a great boxer, as shown by the fight in the first season against Olexander Usik, I respect him very much, but also I am a great wrestler, so on Saturday I expect an excellent match. "

Currently, the 27-year-old German boxer won 23 victories in 24 fights during his career, killing ten of them. In the meantime, Moffey will start his 26th career in November. Latvia won 24 victories in the last 25 victories, 18 times defeating opponents by slaughter. This year, Moose is the main favorite of VBSS heavyweight (up to 90.7 kilograms), since it is listed with the first number.

Two boxers will fight for the night on Sunday, and the fight starts at 5:00 am.

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