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Jelgava volleyball still without victory (PHOTO) ::


Maia Laizane
November 18, 2018 at 16:52
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Mastercard's two domestic games against the Estonians
Team over the weekend was led by the Biolars / Jelgava unit.
Jelgavnieki so far failed to reach the tournament
success, even this time on the tables was for guests.

Due to the usual occupancy of ZOC Hall, both were different
in the corridors – on Saturday against the table of the vice-leader "Bigbank Tartu"
Sports Ozolnieki, but on Sunday against the seventh column
TalTech – Sports hall Jelgava. The most reliable fans
Both were present, but in the field, at the stands of the match
ended with some disappointment.

The objective force of the Tartu unit is obvious and
That was also the result – in September 25:17, 25:14 and 25:15.
Today, however, against Tallinn, the sailors are for their first victory
He was very close, but he did not take the opportunity. In the first set a lot
in a similar battle (6: 6, 10:10, 16:16, 20:20) only at the end of happiness
he stood on the side of the guest. The other, at the beginning, was four points
In the lead, the home team is closed at 25:19. But third
and the fourth (21:25, 16:25) obviously did not have the strength and
will of battle.

"We could not fully realize our predecessors"
the captain of the team, lightning striker Aivis Abolins, concluded. "Diseases
because of injuries and other circumstances, this season is not really full
dressed up, "he admits. Today's game could
helped expand Karl Paul Levinski, who on July 16th
Points in statistics were the most productive. 14 added Maris
Lancman, nine Gatis Slavens, eight A.Abolins.

Another opportunity for raising awareness is now to look at
First round of the Latvian Cup against Daugavpils
University "on Wednesday, but on November 28
The answers are played in the same area.

Photo: Ruslan Antropov (from the game against Bigbank in Tartu)

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