Monday , September 26 2022

Kakadu parrots again show their high intelligence – discoveries – science


True, this ability is limited to determining the exact length of the tool, because in the experiment only one parrot was able to make a sufficient narrow tool that could penetrate the hole behind which the container was.

In a study published in the scientific journal PLOS One, six cockaded parrots were to be caught in a glass box. Each bird got a piece of cardboard, but the cake was placed 4 to 16 inches from the holes in the glass box.

Generally speaking, all the abilities of the cocoa to fill the tape of the desired length of the cardboard to carry.

"The parrots were cut out of the cardboard tape at the desired length using the upper jaw and lower jaw as a scissor, or switched them to the desired length and turned with the help of a mouthpiece. The subjects also attracted their cardboard strips, which proved short for food, but they returned when food was set up at a distance, "researchers wrote.

If in the first attempt the tool became too short, the birds deliberately made their second speed. Researchers consider it to be a risk avoidance strategy.

PHOTO: Auersperg AMI, Kock C, O & # 39; Hara M, Huber L (2018)

True, when the tool was to be tasselated, parrots had problems. Only one bird was able to make its equipment high enough when the opening was less.

In the future, scientists plan to use other materials to see if birds are able to deal with other problems.

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