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The Latvian team started 16 minutes when captain Ralf Freiberga drove Egils Kalns into empty goal and was not prevented by a close French defender who had to fight for the goal in front of the goal – 1: 0. After just two minutes, Rihards Marenis, who he played in a draw against an opponent, scored twice instead of a draw and is not sorry for the decision – 2: 0.

The French team did not miss a hockey from the previous world championship, and the steering wheel scoring was better than ours, but did not move with moment. In the meantime, Latvians punished opponents for mistakes. Bruno Zabis banged his opponent in that area and pulled the wheel to Kalna, who hit a stunning goal by hitting an unpleasant post, struck nine – 3: 0. In this season, in the Latvian championship, Hill scored four goals in 11 games, but tripled in the national team of Latvia for the last two days.

At the end of the second third, rivals appeared at the Latvian gate, and experienced attacker Stefan Da Kosta, who represents KHL leader in Yekaterinburg's automobile driver, lost 26, collecting 24 points. He defended until the end of the match while his brother Teddy Da Costa received a penalty of 2 + 2 minutes. In the Latvian team, two minutes later, the penalties were Oskars Batninš and Freibergs.

The French goal was guarded by Ronnie Cummin, who has not missed any World Cup since 2014. For now, the court only played in the field in six games or was a special reserve goalkeeper. Without Da Coast there were also Charles Bertrand from Novosibirsk Siberia, several players from Switzerland, and 19-year-old Aleksandra Tex who plays in Finland, but who has a contract with NHL Columbus Blue Jackets, written by Teki a year ago with 45 numbers .

Opponents of the dry game managed to escape only at the very end of the game when the defense was Rudolf Maslovski. Latvia could not refuse in front of the defense zone, which led to a great combination of France, who scored Giii Leclerk 1: 3. Francuzzi immediately replaced the goalkeeper against the sixth player, but scored a goal. The point was played by Lauris Rancevs – 4: 1.

A key game is expected tomorrow evening, when the Belarusians will come in contact with the Latvian national team. France defeated 5: 2 yesterday, but tonight will meet with Slovaks.

France – Latvia 1: 4 (0: 2, 0: 1, 1: 1)

Gates: (Zebis) 0: 3, 57:14 Lekerk (Rees, Ekfeijs, vair.) 1: 3 (Marseille, Homakov) 0: 2, 25:17 Hill (Freibergs, Zabis) 0: 1, 17:02, 59: 05 Rancevs (Dzierkals, Batna, blank) 1: 4
Goalkeepers: Ronan Cummins – Rihards Cimermanis

Latvian EIHC Tournament Team in Minsk:

Goalkeepers: Janis Auzins (HK Prizma), Rihards Cimermanis (HK Zemgale / LLU)
Guards: Ralph Freibergs (HC Zlin, Czech Republic), Artur Salii (HK "Poprad", Slovakia), Eduard Hugo Jansson ("Neftianik", Russia), Roberts Mamichics (Dinamo Riga), Roberts Kalkis (HK "Riga"), Pauls Svars (HK "Riga") and Kristaps Jakobsons ("Zemgale / LLU"), Rihards Kjuis (HK "Prizma").
Attackers: Edgars Kulda (HC Zlin, Czech Republic), Oscar Batna, Martins Dzierkals, Frank Razgals, Rihards Marenis, Roberts Lipsbergs (all Dinamo Riga), Vladislav Adelsons (Zemgale / LLU), Bruno Zabis (HK Liepaja), Juris Upitis, Edgars Homyakovs, Lauris Rancevs (all HK "Kurbads"), Rudolf Maslovskis (HK "Mogo"), Egils Kalns (HK "Liepaja").

Euro Ice Hockei Challenge: (Belarus, Minsk)

date Time A game Rez
11/08/2013 13:15 Latvia – Slovenia 4: 1
11.9.2018 14:30 Latvia – France 4: 1
10.11.2018 18:30 Latvia – Belarus

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