Monday , March 1 2021

“Lynx” wins the Super Cup in a five-set fight

J. Šreinbergs

Sunday evening in Riga was won in 2020/2021. Super Cup of the volleyball season for men’s and women’s teams, in which the best Latvian team of last season competed with the winner of the cup.

The initiative of the Super Cup arose from the teams in order to gain more playing practice. As you know, the Latvia Cup was lost this season due to Covid-19 and the number of matches in the Championship this season is also small. In the exciting women’s competition, the Super Cup winners were RVS / LU volleyball players, who defeated VK Jelgava in a five-set fight. The men’s competition also required five groups of trophy winners, where the irreconcilable opponents of recent years “RTU / Border Guard / Jurmala” and “Linx Jekabpils” competed.

Edvīns Skrūders, Pāvels Jemeļjanovs, Kristaps Šmits, Zigurds Adamovičs, Armands Āboliņš, Vladislavs Blumbergs and Dāvis Melnis started the match in the ranks of “Lūšu”.

In the first half of the first set, Jēkabpils residents had a small advantage, while RTU volleyball players stood out in the middle. “Lynx” from 6:20 p.m. could arrive at 11:21 p.m. The first ball of seven (24:23) was provided by P. Jemeljanovs, but ours could not implement it. In the end, K. Šmits made a mistake in the attack, the players of Jūrmala put a good block and had to lose the first set with 24:26.

In the second set, the lynx gained a solid 12: 7 lead and managed to keep it up to the top of the set. He became nervous: from the 23:20 safe, ours fell to 24:23, but this time we managed to make the first ball of seven and win with 25:23.

In the third set, after a similar start, the “lynx” took the lead in the second half and the victory in this section of the game was quite convincing (25:18).

J quartkabpils ‘fourth set began unsuccessfully with a 2: 6 lead. In the middle of the set, they managed to balance the result, but then Jēkabpils’ team was powerless against the opposing block and suffered a well-deserved defeat with at 19:25. That means both teams will play five sets in a game for the third time this season. It should be noted that on two previous occasions, the “Jēkabpils lynx” won the Master League. And this time, too, ours was determined to repeat it. The first two-point rebound for us was in the middle of the set, when E. Skrūders got the 7: 5 with the block. Opponents responded with equally successful actions on the block and equalized the result (7: 7). Another 10: 8 mini-shot was performed after K. Schmidt’s “blocking” shot. At the 13:11 result, you could already feel that the “lynx” cup would not slip off your legs this time. Our team won the 14th point with a block, but K. Schmits – 15:11 in the fifth set and 3: 2 in the game with a dodgy serve.

The most productive of our team with 26 points was K. Šmits, while for P. Jemeļjanov – 25 points. Pavel was recognized as the best volleyball player on our team, who played a very good game. Armands Āboliņš scored 10 points, V. Blumbergs – 7, Zigurds Adamovičs – 5 and E. Skrūders – 3. For 2020/2021. Jānis Medenis, Kristers Dardzāns, Edgars Kalnozols, Ēriks Voroņko and Gustavs Freimanis, who went to the field occasionally, as well as the second free Dāniels Dunaiskis and, of course, coach Mārcis Obrumans, assistant coach Aivis Koki, director of the team and club president, Māris Trušelis.

One week later, on February 28, “Jēkabpils lūši” will meet “Amber Volley” in their last match of the regular season of the championship in Klaipeda, but then the battles for the medals of the Latvian championship will begin.

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