Thursday , August 11 2022

Off-site vaccination will begin Friday; Riga will visit 49 places


A new field vaccination project will begin on Friday, October 15, during which vaccination points will be established against Covid-19 in various neighborhoods of Riga, Eva Juhņēviča, head of the project division, told reporters of vaccination of the National Health Service.

In total, three specially adapted buses will be used, which will be available in the area in about three or four hours. Vaccination will be carried out in accordance with the so-called live queue principle, ie without prior registration.

The project will be implemented in Mežciems, Teika, Moscow suburb, Pļavnieki, Central district, Bolderāja, Dārziņi, Sarkandaugava, Āgenskalns and other areas of Riga. In total, it is planned to visit 49 places in Riga.

According to the department, Pfizer vaccines BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson will be available at these points and bus capacity will be up to 100 episodes of vaccination at each mobile point, for a total of 900 episodes of vaccination a day.

Buses will be located at places visited by residents, such as shops or markets. In addition, the location will be chosen as close as possible to the population of houses.

“We put a specially adapted bus, which has been transformed into a vaccination point, (..) and place these buses at the points visited by residents, closer to the masses of residents, to make it easier for those who have mobility difficulties, ”Juhņēviča explained.

The vaccination department also plans to publicly distribute schedules with information on when and when the population will have the opportunity to be vaccinated at these points. This information will be available on the website of the National Health Service and the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, as well as on the “” portal. It is also planned to place signs in the houses and elevators managed by “Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks”, as well as in the vehicles “Rīgas satiksme”.

At the same time, off-site vaccines are still expected to continue in those places in Latvia where vaccination coverage and vaccination capacity are currently low.

The current goal of the Vaccination Project Division is to provide a weekly vaccination capacity of 100,000 vaccination episodes. 41,000 vaccination episodes are expected to be provided by medical institutions, 16,000 by points in shopping malls, 15,000 by vaccination centers in Riga, 12,000 by medical consultations and 10,000 by vaccination centers in other municipalities.

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