Sunday , August 14 2022

Photo: Jurmala rises high high high high 35 meters high, dedicated to the centenary of the state


Sunday, on the day of Lacplesis, in front of the Lielupe bridge in the city of Jurmala, in celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the country, a large national flag was erected. November 11 is also the day the foundation of the city of Jurmala, and the city celebrates the 59th anniversary today. A new flag of 35 meters was set in Priedaine, entering Jurmala from Riga, on the left side of the road before the Lielupe bridge.

Slaves of overwhelmed blessings were given by the flag of the Evangelical Lutheran community from Dubulti and Bulduri of the Evangelical Lutheran community Arnis Bush, Juris Jalinskis, priest of the Catholic community Jurmala and Vladimirs Rietseps, priest of the Orthodox Church of St. Cenazus Vladimirs Dubulti. Dancing from the youth folk dance group Jurmala "Zalite" was highlighted by the rise of the flag.

Not only at celebrations, but in everyday life, the national flag floods 32 square meters, increases patriotism and pride towards Latvia.

The site's choice is linked to the liberation struggles on the coastal coast, which took place in that area from November 8 to 19, 1919. It is also important that the flag be visible from a greater distance and from different points of view. The built masts with the Latvian national flag are not only a gift for the centenary of Latvia, but also a legacy that will be passed on to future generations. Jurmala joins other cities with the initiative "Latvian flag". The idea of ​​the initiative is up to the 20th anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the state of Latvia in the installation of monumental Latvian flags in symbolic, well-visible and important places in Riga and in the centers of Latvian regional regions.

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