Monday , May 10 2021

Photo: Usakov, together with his wife Ivet and his owners, will celebrate the ceremony

Although the state holiday has not yet been completed, many have already begun counting their days to Christmas, and this week, Mayor of Riga Nils Usakovs and other residents have already crossed the main death of the capital in the forestry of Tirel.

On Thursday, November 15, three most important dishes were selected. One of them will be located on the Dome Square Square, the second on November 11 on the Stone Bridge, and the third Christmas tree will go to Ratslaukums.

Together with the Mayor of Riga, the head of the office and his wife Iveta Strautin-Ushakova, as well as several other capital city capitals, went to the forest.

This year – in the centuries of Latvia – excellent Christmas dishes of Riga were searched in a historically significant place where the Christmas battle took place 102 years.

This area is a place of commemoration of the World War I Battle of World War II, which was created and managed by SIA "Rigas meži", which are of great importance not only in Latvia, but also in European history.

Also, here is the Antić cemetery, "Forest in Riga", in 2016, a restored warehouse of historical medicine, a renewed Latvian rifle and adjacent track fragments.

It has already been announced that the red fir will cost a total of 18 thousand euros. The Council concluded an agreement worth € 17,968 net of value added tax for the provision of fir trees. Trees were cut, brought in, installed, maintained and disassembled by NTI Partnership Ltd. In total, the company will have to deliver 50 springs in Riga.

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