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"Sabers" can find cheaper camera attackers than Girgenson – Hockey –


In the article dedicated to the Bufalo team of the prestigious media The Athletic, Sabers' current players are divided into several categories. In the category of players who will definitely not be sitting in Sabers next season, Mets Mulson is included in his five-year contract and $ 25 million, Vladimir Sobotka, who still has a contract for the next season, but also his dismissal and Mets Tenijson. and Dennis O & # 39; Regens, who will be an unlimited free agent.

In turn, Zemgus Girgenson, along with Jan Lashon and Remi Elijah, are included in the "Keep One or None" category. Girgenson will finish a two-year contract with Sabers, which will have a value of 3.2 million dollars at summer. It will be a limited free agent and will qualify for a Sabers rating agreement, but Vogl says that a 1.6 million rating contractor, Sabers General Manager, Jason Boteril, may not want to pay.

"Girgenson and Lacon are inseparable players in the field who, like free agents of the team, can go together," writes Vogls. "Boteril chose not to offer qualification contracts to several players last summer, and GM may choose to let veterans finish this summer."

"Whether honest or not, but the fact is that Girgenson and Lacson are symbols of the Sabers operation phase," continues Vogls. "They have no guilt in their roles in the fourth round, but Boteril can find players doing the same for less than three million, which should be paid together in the rating agreements of Girgenson and Lacon."

In his sixth season of the NHL, Girgenson made 18 points in 72 games, while his partner Lacon won 14 points in 73 games. Girgenson had previously waited for a limited free agent during the summer of 2016 and 2917, but he received Sabers' qualification contracts on both occasions.

"Sabers" played badly in the spring of the first half of the season and was left behind the "play-off" for the following season, which caused the dismissal of head coach Fill Hausler. The new coach has not yet been named, but the Bot Bot of the club has confirmed to the media that it wants to launch new players to the team, which in turn will make several previous players have to leave.

Girgenson had the fifth highest salary, with Jake Makeibe, for the players who finished the contract with Sabers this summer. The contract will also end with Jeff Skiner, who received $ 5.7 million this season, but his retention as "Sabers" is one of the priorities of the summer.

Remember that Girgenson has decided not to start the World Championship due to its clear status of the contract.

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