Saturday , August 20 2022

See what Lien Grapefen offers to his followers


Musician Liene Greifāne posted an entry to Facebook on the social network that says he sells his beloved car.

Facebook screenshot

As is known for the information published, the Mini Cooper is sold. It is true that neither the amount nor the car mileage are provided to the general public. The images with a singer car are complemented by a short and laconic text: "I'm selling my beloved Mini. Write in private."

I have already informed that this week Liene informed her followers that she was recording a duet with a talented molded musician, a member of Eurovision last year, and Maximy Zavidia, a member of the Pesnji program.

Evening News also announced that a new show "Nu-ка, vs. vmestje!" ("Together"), which will be the largest musical event in the history of Russian television, has begun on March 23 on the television channel "Rossija-1". The show will be in charge of the popular Russian singer Nicholas Baskov. Latvian singer Liene Greifāne also values ​​the musicians of the great show.

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